Seed Conditioning

Maximizing Germination

Our objective is to increase seed quality and maximize germination. We have germination testing performed by an outside laboratory.

Preparing Seeds for Customers

Seed cleaning encompasses, separating, sizing, aspiration and sifting. Our skilled milling staff examines each seed lot to determine the best cleaning procedures to maximize the quality. They look for small differences in color, size, weight and shape to determine the best milling equipment for the job. Our warehouse staff is focused on seed quality. Each member of the warehouse team plays a major role in the high quality of our seed.

Volume and Flexibility

At Dixon Seed we have on-site conditioning equipment and resources that enable us to handle large and small orders and adapt to customers’ needs quickly. This flexibility helps with more rapid turnaround times for our customers.

Industry Best Practices

We stay up to date with the latest technology and industry best practices and hire and train the most qualified staff. Their training is focused on quality control, and they take great pride in releasing a quality product.

Seed Treatments

We can also provide additional seed treating (fungicides and insecticides) and film coating per customer requests.

Our goal is to provide our clients with the healthiest seeds—delivered on time.

Packaging Options

  • 500kg Bulk Tote
  • Tri-Wall Bin
  • 25kg / 50lb Poly Bag with or without liner
  • Single Pallet
  • Container Load
  • Customer-Supplied Packaging Material
    — 1/2kg / 1lb and 100g Hermetically Sealed Tins
    — Heat-Sealed Foil Packets)

We have the volume and flexibility to turn around large and small orders for our customers.

Our warehouse staff is focused on seed quality.

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